Best Chest And Bicep Workout Plan For Bodybuilding

Best Chest And Bicep Workout Plan for Bodybuilding

When a person looks at a man, the frit thing that they notice is the chest and bicep workout. Because chest and biceps provide an extra impression to other people. Yet, if you do not have enough bicep muscle or chest muscle, you will not have that extra impression. This is why you need to do your chest and bicep workout to grow a more powerful and attractive bicep curl or chest curl. Because if you do this try and biceps workout, your bicep muscle and chest muscle will be more developed.

You will see most of the guys contain a big chest and muscular biceps; you must be wondering how they made them muscular. Well, the answer is through a hard workout, if you want to make your chest and biceps muscular then you also need to train your body. For that, you need to do chest and bicep workouts make chest and biceps workout routine. But it requires proper guidelines which you can nd out by reading this article.

It’s not like you go to the gym and do the workouts as you like, growing chest and biceps requires a certain workout. But if you don’t do your upper body workout for that, it will work. Rather it is important to make a proper effort and biceps workout plan. You can also plan a 45-minute gym workout if you wanna.

So, we are here to provide you with the best chest and bicep workout to help you obtain your desired body. This chest and bicep workout guide is a very effective workout that you will get good results if you follow. 3-to 4 times per week at rst is enough when you create this workout routine.

Chest Workout for Building Muscular Muscles

We enlisted to 3-5 workouts plan that is perfect for building muscular muscles; remember, at rst you may feel difficulty doing the set. If you feel stressed while doing these workouts, then you can reduce the number of sets or make the round according to your needs. Don’t do extreme workouts, give your body some to adjust and then do a hard workout. Also, this workout will work to burn fat and build muscle.

1. Cable Chest Fly

Cable Chest Fly

To do this workout require a crossover cable machine, rst, take a stirrup Handel and attach them to the high cable of the crossover cable machine. Starting position takes both of the handles in your hand but remembers to take them crossly, the left handle should be on your right hand and the right hand on your left hand. After that, put your left leg in front doesn’t stand strictly, your body should be angled towards the ground. Then pull the handle, rst reduce the weight, then you can increase the weight for which you have to change the weight on the cable machine.

Doing this Chest Cable Fly workout will improve your chest and also do hand exercises. Besides, this cable y workout improves your chest muscles in a normal and quick way. Many people consider this exercise a biceps exercise to be beneficial for biceps muscle growth. But, there is no guarantee that this exercise works for your backside and solder as well. You can also work out with heavier weight or lighter weight if you want while doing this exercise. Cable Chest Fly You will need a cable machine to do the workout, so it is better to do this exercise when you go to the gym center.

The Number of sets: 3 or 4

The Reps: rst start with 8 then 10, 12, 15

Rest in between sets: 30-60 second break.

2. Dumbbell Bench Press

dumbbell bench press

To perform this requires two dumbbells and a bench, it’s recommended to take less weight at rst. Take both of the dumbbells in your hand and lie down on the bench, then hold the dumbbell over your chest. Then lift the dumbbell until your hands become straight, in this exercise you should feel the weight behind your backside.

When you do this workout bench with dumbbells; it makes your muscle & strength bicep. If you can do these proper bench press sets; they will be the most effective exercises for your chest and biceps. Also, the dumbbells bench press is the most effective from the barbell bench press. But the most important of this workout is our middleweight bench and it would be an adjustable bench. Because if it will be not a middleweight bench and an adjustable bench; it will be not comfortable for us.

The Number of sets: 3 to 4

The Reps: start with 8 then gradually increase to 10, 12, 15

Rest in between sets: 30 to 45 sec

3. Diamond Push-Up

Diamond push-up

This push-up targets both your chest and shoulders; this push-up is an advanced form of the normal push-up. One might not do a full set if his body is new to exercise. To perform this push-up for starting position, You will have a 45-degree angle and feet. Now take a normal push-up position, then use your thumb and index infer to form a diamond shape. Then inhale air while going down and exhale air while pushing up.

This diamond pushup will increase your upper pectoralis major and lower pectorals major. This workout will also increase your anterior deltoid, biceps brachii (short head), and triceps brachii. A diamond push-up workout also increases your arm muscle, upper chest height, and chin height.

The Number of sets: 2 to 4

The Reps: start from 5 then gradually increase to 10-12 reps.

Rest in between sets: 1 to 2 minutes

4. Cable Curl

Cable Curl

It’s an exercise that targets the upper body part of the chest and increases your body mussels. Take a stressed cable then take the bar onto your hand, remember to take high weight at the rst set then gradually decrease the weight along you change your sets. Then place both of your hands close to your body, you should feel your stress muscle. For this exercise, you need to increase the number of sets at res at a decrease in time. It also makes your shoulder-width underhand grip strong.

The Number of sets:  4 to 6 sets

The Reps: start from 20 in one set, then decrees to 15, 10

Rest in between sets: don’t take any rest

5. Close Grip Bar Curl

Close Grip Bar Curl

Close grip bar curl doesn’t have any reps, but you need to perform some tips. To perform this exercise take a bar you can choose the weight according to your endurance but take less weight at rst. Then do pull up the bar up to your shoulders, you need to do this from the bottom 7 times, then again 7 times from the middle part of your body then the last 7 times from the top part.

The number of sets: only 3

The Reps: 21 reps, you can increase once you’re adapted to it

Rest in between sets: 1 to 2 minutes

Bicep Workout for Building

A strong arm provides a good impression to other people also it’s a symbol of your character. So men always crave to have a big muscular arm, there are two parts of your arm: one is biceps, and the other is triceps. Let’s focus on some of the best arm exercises, you can do these workouts at home or in the gym, but it’s recommended not to overdo these workouts. These exercises are the main biceps-focused exercises the entire time so they will help your bicep superset.

1. Dumbbell Curl

Dumbbell Curl

This curl exercise ensures the mussel gets a strong posture. To perform this, take pair of dumbbells to neutral grip, and then stand in front of a mirror. Then keep your arm straight then pull those dumbbells towards up, make sure your palm is upwards. A dumbbell curl workout improves your brachii muscle with grip strength.

The Number of sets: 3 to 4

The Reps: start from 15 then increase to 20, 30 or more

Rest in between sets: 30 to 45 sec

2. Hammer Curl

Hammer Curl

First, take starting position and take one set of dumbbells, stand straight in front of a mirror, and hold the dumbbell. Your palm should face sideward, then raise your hand upwards and inhale air.

Remember to move your arm slowly while going down. Same time this exercise will target both your triceps and biceps.

The Number of sets: 3 to 4

The Reps: Start from 8-12 reps then 15, 20, 30 or m, ore

Rest in between sets: 30 to 45 sec

3. Chin-up


Chin-up is one of the best exercises for biceps; this exercise increases muscle strength. Though it’s an old exercise for its effectiveness, people still use it. If you want to exercise at home, then you need to install a bar at a height where you can reach it. Then hold that bar, your palm should face toward you. After that, pull your body up, your head should be over the bar while going up.

The Number of sets: 3 to 4

The Reps: start from 10, 12, 15

Rest in between sets: 1 to 2 minutes

4. Concentration curl

Concentration curl

Many people neglect this exercise, but this can make an impact on building a bigger arm, this exercise pushes the muscles towards up thus giving you muscular biceps.  Now you bend your knees at a 90degree angle and place a light space between the two legs. To perform this exercise, take a dumbbell in one hand and sit on a bench, then put your elbow on your knee. Then pull the dumbbell up when you inhale and exhale when you lower it.

The Number of sets: 3 to 4

The Reps: Start from 8-12 reps then 15, 20, 25

Rest in between sets: 30 sec to 45 sec

5. Twisting dumbbell curl

Twisting dumbbell curl

It is an overall exercise for your forearms and your biceps, this exercise is similar to all the other curls. Take one set of dumbbells and stand straight, hold the dumbbell aligning your body then once you pull them twist your arm. At that time your palm should face your body then while releasing twins your arm backward

The Number of sets: 3 to 4

The Reps: Start from 8-12 reps then 15-20 rep range.

Rest in between sets: 30-45 sec

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Chest and bicep workout

1. How to Worm Up?

Answer: It’s recommended to do warm-up exercise before doing other exercises, warm-up exercise lets your muscle loosen up and prepare them for hard exercise. To worm up your body, you can jump sideward or run in the trade mill for a short period, then you can do some stretching.

2. Can I Do Biceps And Chest Exercises Every Day?

Answer: Yes, you can train your biceps every day which helps the muscle to grow bigger, but if you do chest exercise every day it will not gain any benet. You should give some time to your muscle to get bigger.

3. What Exercise Breaks Muscles Groups?

Answer: There are 6 different muscles groups in a person’s body, such as the chest, back, arms, shoulder, legs, and calves. If you concentrate on a workout that targets these 6 parts then you should see the difference in a short time. You can do push-ups, curls, weight lifting, and many more exercises to break muscles groups.

4. Why Should I Do Dumbbell Curls Or Chest Workouts?

Answer: At rst, the chest and biceps get noticed by the people in front of you, these muscles provide an impression. So to make you noticeable and muscular one should always do exercises and the best way to grow your biceps is by doing dumbbell curls.

5. Can I Build My Chest And Biceps Just By Doing Push-Ups?

Answer: Yes, one can build a chest and biceps just by doing push-ups. But it takes a long time to build your muscles, so the fast and simple way of building your chest and biceps is through performing separate exercises for these body parts.

Final Verdict

To stay healthy and t, there is no drought that you need to exercise along with a good diet plan. There is a lot of exercise for every muscle of your body, but the main part is the biceps and your chest. Because these parts of our body make more impressions than other parts, making sure to keep them strong and muscular should be one duty. But it can be tough for one without knowing which exercise would help you to achieve your goal. So we tried to show you some of the best biceps and chest workouts, which will help you in your exercise.

But remember, you can plan a 20-minute arms workout with heavyweight if you want. But it is difficult to say how much that workout is able to increase your advanced fitness level. Yet, you can take this bicep tanning according to your fitness level. Following the right guidelines will increase your shoulder height, chest height, and chin height. The last ward is, this effort and bicep workout will increase your average bicep size and average forearm size.

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