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7 Best Bicep Machine Exercises for building muscle

Bicep Machine Exercises

Building a rock-hard set of biceps is a goal of many people. The bicep machine exercises are a key part of many people’s arm-building workout routine.

Biceps are one of the most popular muscle groups that men and women work for this muscle in the gym. Build your bigger biceps by following this ultimate guide about bicep machine exercises.

There are plenty of exercise guidelines that prove the proper technique and effective guidelines for each exercise. These bicep machine exercises guidelines will make it easy for you to understand how the exercise should look when you’re doing it right.

The bicep machine is popular for building arm muscles because it isolates each arm. The exercises are quite easy to do and you will see why the bicep machine is a top choice among busy people who have only a little time to train.

The preacher curl is the most effective biceps cable exercise for impressive biceps muscle building and relief of shoulder joint pain. This exercise targets your biceps muscles primarily and can also have a great secondary pump effect in your forearms.

Sit down on the adjustable bench for starting position and hold a dumbbell in both hands to the top of your thighs.

Lift the dumbbells one at a time with an underhand grip, and hold them at arm’s length in front of you.

Keeping your upper arms stationary, curl the dumbbells forward while contracting your biceps as you breathe out.

Now raise the dumbbells slow way until they are at shoulder level, hold and squeeze your biceps hard at that position. Then go back to the initial position while breathing in.

Cable Hammer Curl.

The Cable Hammer Curl is a very beneficial part of the total arm workout. It allows you to isolate your biceps more than normal dumbbell curls, in which the shoulders and back muscles are actively involved. A good curl always works to make your lower arms thicker and stronger. For your bicep muscle growth and to encourage your upper back muscle strengths, this cable bicep curls it best.

Grab an EZ bar and attach it to a low pulley.

Take an underhand grip on the bar at shoulder-width, with your elbows pointing down.

Bend your elbows but without removing your upper arms. Then close the curl bar near your shoulders as you can.

Now take lower the bar to the back slow to the starting position and squeeze your biceps hard.

Cable Preacher Curl.

The Cable Preacher Curl is a great cable exercise because the muscles have to work harder than usual. The bicep is more flexed, which makes the muscle fibers grow more. This means that your biceps will get more defined. Furthermore, the shoulder will be a strength as well. You can do this Cable Preacher Curl with dumbbells in a standing position and with a pulley machine.

Sit on the bench, feet flat, knees bent. Place an EZ bar attachment on the lowest pulley of a cable machine. Now you grab the bar with an underhand grip and then sit down on the preacher bench.

Rest your upper arms against the pad and allow them to hang so that your wrists are at knee level. For starting position hold the EZ bar with your elbows extended and rotate your forearms until your palms are facing forward.

Start to bring the bar back to starting position as you inhale and contract your triceps. At the midway point of movement keep tension on your biceps (do not rest or extend at the bottom). Repeat for the recommended amount of repetitions.

Barbell seated bicep curl.

Barbell seated bicep curl is an ideal exercise for those who want to increase their arms, triceps, and biceps in general. Since it’s a seated exercise it’s more comfortable and safer than standing barbell curls.

To do this barbell curls exercise, sit on an incline bench with your legs bent, feet flat on the floor, and knees even with your hips. Place a barbell on your thighs, gripping the bar with an underhand grip.

Let the bar roll down your thighs until your forearms are resting on your knees. Then curl up at the elbows while maintaining an upright posture until your forearms are vertical.

Hold at the top of the movement before lowering back to the previous position.

Overhead cable curl.

The Overhead Cable Curl is a great way to increase biceps size and power. The whole biceps movement will engage the long head of the bicep and the supraspinatus. But to maximize stimulation of the peak of the bicep you have to perform this exercise with a supinated grip.

Set the arm cable curl around your midsection holding one handle in each hand. This time your arms are straight out to the sides.

Your chest should be forward and your elbows should bend so they are not locked into place.

Use your biceps to lift the handles up to shoulder height as you twist your hands so that your palms face up as you do so.

Slowly lower them back down until you are in the starting position. Repeat for the desired number of reps.

Low Pulley Curl To Press.

Low pulley curl to press exercise is a very effective muscle movement for hitting your biceps. This cable pulley machine press helps isolate the bicep muscles more than a regular Bench Press. It is also easier on the elbow and shoulder joints because it did in a standing position as opposed to a lying one.

Stand facing the machine with your feet shoulder-width apart. Grab both cable bar with a palms-down grip and lift the handles up in front of you so that your arms do extend towards the floor.

Firmly grasp both cables and pull up on each handle, allowing them to rotate in your palms as they travel up past your shoulders. Now back your hands for facing forward when they reach shoulder level.

Without pausing, lower to the starting position in slow motion. Repeat for desired reps.

Cable biceps curl.

The cable biceps curl exercise is, without a doubt, one of the best ways to strengthen your arms. This cable bicep machine curl targets your biceps major muscles and shoulders, both upper and lower. When you perform the cable biceps curl, the resistance is coming from the weight stack in a fixed position.

To do this exercise, first, you have to straighten your whole body and just stand facing the machine in a neutral position. Stand far enough back from the machine so there is some tension on the cable with your arms extended.

Now grasp a straight bar handle attachment in both hands, palms facing up. Then, keep your elbows locked into your sides, contract your biceps, and pull the bar up towards your chest.

Don’t rock or swing your body during this movement and make sure to hold for a split second at peak contraction and return to starting position.


The bicep machine is primarily used for bicep curls. When you do exercise for the biceps, make sure to complete a set of bicep machine exercises to get the best results.

Different muscles get targeted when you exercise with a bicep machine. The greater the isolation and the more potential stress and strain placed on those working muscles will be. Lightweight and smaller plates will tone muscle equally but not to the same degree as a good heavier weight set.

To do this bicep machine exercise, you must first do the basic cable exercises. If you want to do target muscle building then you must do only bicep cable machine workouts which are quite popular exercises.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Bicep Machine Exercises

What kinds of bicep exercises can I do with a cable machine?

A cable machine is easy to use and it can get you quickly into the groove of bicep exercises. If you want to know what kind of cable machine exercises you can be doing, you will first have to identify your cable machine. From there, follow our tips above to learn how to best use the machine and how to perform a variety of bicep exercises.

What is a machine preacher curl bench bar?

The hammer strength preacher curl bench bar is currently the top choice in today’s market. It comes with a powder coat finish that is able to withstand the toughest of workouts while also maintaining a stylish appearance.

How do I know if the weight is too heavy for me to lift?

The short answer is that you will know whether the cable weight you are using is too heavy based on how your muscles feel. If you feel as if you have to strain to lift the weight off the rack and into position, then it is too heavy a weight. If you feel like, once in place, your muscles are strong enough to hold the weight without cramping up or straining, then it isn’t too heavy.

How long does it take to see results from bicep curl machines?

For bicep curl machines, time will vary based on your personal gene composition and body type. If you’re interested in seeing results more quickly, you should pay attention to the number of exercises you do each week.

Do these exercises take long when done properly?

You would be safe in thinking that whatever exercise you do, the bicep machine exercises are a good place to start with working out. It doesn’t take long at all to get going on these and the results will come quickly once you have done them for a few weeks.

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